Business matchmaking services

Clusters services

eMatch stimulates cooperation and project generation in clusters through a combination of ICT tools and consultancy services. We distinguish ourself from our compeditors by offering a high degree of flexibility in our system and services. This allows us to adress the specific circumstances and needs of your cluster. Our goal is simple: less talk, more action. 

eMatch Clusters Tool

the eMatch platform constitutes en efficient ICT tool for managing clusters and increasing interaction within the cluster and externally. At the heart of the solution lies the cluster member profiles (company level) enriched with extensive data and metadata. In short, eMatch Cluster Tool stimulate cooperation, project generation and new business opportunities for cluster members by enabling:

  • advanced online partner search both intra-cluster, in between clusters and externally. 
  • facilitation of efficient match-making events (more info below)
  • international profiling: an increasing number of comapnies get new business inquiries through eMatch
  • efficient cluster administration: cluster administrators get detailed knowledge about-, and easy overview of its member base.
  • Reduced administrative work by using eMatch as a member database. 

We are currently developing new ICT Tools for cluster administration and interaction. Click here for more information about how we customize eMatch for clusters. 


Cluster workshops and match-making events

eMatch  plan and execute events on behalf of clusters. We can either take full responsibility for organizing the event or assist in certain activities:  
  • Define topic and agenda. 
  • Create event homepage on include eM-profiles of participants, description of topic, relevant links, funding scheme overview, customized ontology describing the cluster's domain, statistics, speed-dating registration and more. 
  • Assist in finding speakers, case examples, and relevant funding schemes to be presented. 
  • Identify and attract organizations to attend the event, both members and external organizations of interest. 
  • Other administrative tasks: contact with attendees, finding event location, providing food and refreshments, etc.
  • Execute event: eMatch consultants have extensive experience acting as MC, we can also contribute with presentations on topics related to our areas of expertise. 
  • Design event itinerary: We can tailor events according to the specific needs of our customer, but we also offer concept-workshops such as the "eMatch Innovation Workshop", which has been very well recieved by our past cutomers:"eMatch Innovation Workshop" typically last 3,5 hrs and consists of the following elements:
  1. Introduction, status and technology brief
  2. Case presentations
  3. Project funding options
  4. Q&A session
  5. Speed-dating sessions
  6. Wrap-up
  7. Social networking

Follow-up services

For eMatch, an event is not an end-result but rather a beginning for future innovation, business opportunities and collaboration among participants.  The eMatch network constitute a one-stop shop for companies planning or conducting innovation or international business. Click here for an overview of innovation consultancy services offered by our competent partners.