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Faculty of Organization and Informatics

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The main aim of the Faculty is to provide the students with the first-class education in the field of Information Sciences and Information Technology. We firmly believe the aim is achievable with a joint effort of both our students and professors. The Faculty offers a tree-year (6-semester) undergraduate course of study, which could be followed by two-year Graduate course of study which in turn could be followed by Postgraduate study or Specialized studies. To educate informaticians for the 21st century is a challenge we have accepted with great enthusiasm. Our students are offered an up-to-date study programmes equal to the most recent programmes accepted in Western Europe and America. The programmes are supported by innovative learning methods and modern laboratories, being maintained to a high standard, and our students are involved in interesting projects. The faculty also participated in numerous international projects, as a member or coordinator, and is currently involved in several FP7, Eureka and other projects.
Key Words Education,research,international projects,development,eLearning
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