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Cepa Mobility is engaged in user-centered IT development. We exploit the latest knowledge on the area of wireless and mobile technology. Since 2003 we have researched and developed in the ways of using the PPC technology together with people with disabilities. Cepa Mobility?s key competences are R&D of software for PPC/PDA platforms and developing wireless hardware using Bluetooth, zigbee and infrared. Our product , CepaCom®, is already sold in Denmark as an AAC assistive device and can best be described as a mobile phone for people with disabilities. The software is installed on a PDA/PPC, and with an external 01 contact the user can communicate with the world with just one click. CepaCom can both be mounted on your bed or on your electrical/manual wheelchair. We believe that our product can be used with success within the health care sector as and integrated ICT aid for both patient and staff. We are also interested in any user-centered ICT development targeting the ageing population. We can contribute to any project with man hours and know-how with in the areas of our expertise.
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