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DomesticSoft is a small, but growing Internet solution provider in building data collection for electricity, gas and water as well as any other data such as temperatures, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc. Main product: Control2Net an Internet based building/street control and data collection system. Includes web-based administrator software for remote configuration/monitoring of buildings/streets. Includes full blown web based graphica reporting system for energy consumption, cost analysis, etc. Among customers: Tyco Electronics, Domosys, EMG AS, Honeywell, NOTIFIER fire systems, Siemens. Partners: Domosys (Canada), eDevice (France), Securitas (Iceland). Main reference: Over 200 buildings in Norway installed with Contorl2Net as a vital component in the 10-30% energy savings gained. Domesticsoft was one of 66 nominees for the European IST Prize 2006
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