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Lenco Systems AS

Address Sandakerveien 114 A, Oslo - 0484
Telephone +47 22891000
Fax +47 22891001
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Our business idea is to develop state of the art software for sensor monitoring, and sell it as a complete solution to military and civilian markets. Our vision is to deliver the best integration and visualization software for command resources in the military and the public sector market in order to save lives and values. SPX is software in a system which detects and warns different threats/incidents that needs to be monitored. Module based, - makes it possible to interact with different systems to run multiple functionalities. Key modules: 1. Sensor data input 2. Processing and analyzing 3. Presentation – Graphic user interface 4. Notification - Retransmitting
Key Words GIS,Sensors,Surveillance,CBRN
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