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Escali Financial Systems delivers software solutions, called Escali Financials, for management of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, derivatives (Options/forwards etc), loans, swaps, FX-instruments etc. Our target markets are large corporations, municipal administrations, investment companies, pension funds and other entities with complex financial positions. Escali Financials is linked to your accounting system as well as market price vendors like Reuters etc. The system can also calculate theoretical prices on bonds, loans, options, currency futures etc Escali Financials keep track of you financial portfolio with regards to performance, risk allocation and exposure. On interest bearing instruments, the system keeps track of interest, duration allocation, cash-flow management etc. Escali Financials also contain excellent budgetting and scenario-functionallity. The system is based upon international standars like IFRS (Internation Financial Reporting Standard), GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standard) and GICS (Global Industri Clasification Standard)
Key Words Financial Instrument IFRS options bonds shares fund loan lending risk allocation currency FX swap
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