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Gallagher & Robertson AS

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Country Norway
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Gallagher & Robertson (G&R) (est. 1982) is a Norwegian software house specializing in mainframe access products. We develop terminal emulation- and gateway software with programmatic interfaces that give Web-browsers, Windows workstations, Windows-, Linux-, UNIX- and Java enabled server environments access to mission critical legacy applications on Linux, UNIX, IBM and Bull mainframes. G&R delivers software to be installed either on the Windows desktop or on servers for browser access to legacy mainframe applications, but we also deliver software with APIs that allow customers and system integrators to develop new rich user interfaces or to integrate existing legacy applications into new middleware infrastructures based on Web-technology and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) without making any changes in the legacy systems. Glink Professional Edition is a terminal emulation package for Windows chosen by more than 600,000 users world wide. GlinkWeb and Gweb are products that web-enable legacy mainframe applications. With a minimum of effort you can completely revamp all or selected legacy screens. No changes to your legacy application.
Key Words terminal emulation,pc-to-host,web-to-host,mainframe integration,3270,5250,VT220,VT340,ANSI,DKU,VIP
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