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Norsync has a unique RDBMS and software development technology for mobile applications with database synchronization ("fat clients"). Reduces development time by 75%. Makes it as easy to develop advanced mobile systems with DBMS synch as it is to develop client-server or web applications, as filtering, business rules and derived synchronization requirements are handled automatically by the tool. And reduces operational costs to a minimum as well, no more complex than operating a CRM system or similar. No "synchronization error log" that has to be handled manually (like our competitors have)because a system should never be allowed to fail during synch. Unique stability and RDBMS speed on the client greatly improves user experience. Our customers build solutions that provides field personnell with access to the central IT systems, regardless of network availability.
Key Words mobile dbms for Smartphones/Laptops/EDAs,dbms synchronization out-of-the-box,connecting field workforce to central IT
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