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Address Postboks 8115 Dep, OSLO - 0032
Telephone 22 45 10 00
Fax 22 46 94 00
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Country Norway
Business Description
Difi is a Directorate within the Norwegian government, subordinate to the Ministry of Government Administration and reform. Difi is National Contact Point for EUs policy support programme CIP ICT. CIP ICT do not fund research projects, but focus on development and spread of innovative solutions that supports EU policy, for 2009 in 1: ICT for health, ageing and inclusion, 2:Digital Libraries, 3: ICT for government and governance,4: ICT for energy efficiency and environment, 5: Multilingual web, 6: Public sector, 7: Internet evolution and security (including RFID), 8: Open innovation, user experience and living labs. Pilot A projects require government partisipation in the project consortium to ensure widespread use (7 member states incl assossiated countries). Pilot B fokus on business models and value chain and require the whole value chain to be represented. There are also fundings of Best Practice networks and Thematic networks. Pilot A and B fundings are 50% of project cost. Networks are given support according to number of participants. Next call will be opened early January 2010 and the time for teambuilding is now.
Key Words EU programme CIP ICT,NCP,National Contact Point
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