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24sevenoffice Asa

Address Uniongata 18kunnskapsverkstedet, Skien - 3732
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Country Norway
Business Description
24SevenOffice is a leading provider of Internet Business Systems. The company offers a complete, web based, business system that contains everything a company needs to take care of its business operations. The system contains seemlessly integrated modules, covering CRM/ Sales Support, accounting, invoicing, logistics, project management, file sharing, e-mail, groupware calendar etc. These can be used as stand alone modules or as a totally integrated system with single sign on. 24SevenOffice has entered into partnerships with leading companies from different industries and can offer additional services like IP telephony, web conferencing, pay-roll, credit evaluation, risk analysis, banking, web hosting and other features that add value and synergy to the business system. The company delivers a SaaS (software-as-aservice) solution signifying that customer rent access to the business system through Internet. The security level is raised, as back up is taken automatically twice a day on external servers. Costs for IT-support, local servers and maintanance are eliminated because 24SevenOffice takes care of this for the customer.
Key Words CRM,accounting,invoicing,project management,file sharing,e-mail,logistics,groupware calendar
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