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Nowegian software company based on Customer Dialog and Marketing Process Automation. Develops and distributes the software Million Handshakes?. The software ensures easier and more profitable customer communication throught the support for Automated Multi Channel Customer Dialogs. More than 13 million end customers worldwide are today supported through a Million Handshakes solution. We strive to deliver the best solutions for dialog with customers and employees. The Million Handshakes product suite establishes customer dialogs which defines how to communicate with the customer. Important elements of customer dialogs are sending direct mails and performing e-mail marketing, running questionnaires, telemarketing dialogues etc. The Million Handshakes product suite contains tools for modeling the customer dialog in a graphical interface. It also includes interfaces for working with all the customer dialog execution elements.
Key Words Marketing Automation,Dialog Marketing,CRM,email marketing,Survey,marketing,Campaign Management
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