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FreeCode stands on the crossroad between ITIL and free software. A customer's control over its own IT hinges on its ability to retain a solid structure, ownership of their own system and freedom of choice in the market. IT control is thus achieved through ITIL (structure) and free software (ownership and freedom of choice). The FreeCode value cahin supports the goal of giving its customers better control: * Expertise: Get solid structure through processes based on ITIL/ISO 20000. * Products: The FreeCode Software Catalog gives you an overview of quality assured free software. * Development: Software solutions that fit the needs of your company. * Implementation: Benefit from our experience in implementing small and large free software systems. * Sys admin: Hosting and system administration based on ITIL/ISO 20000 and ISO 9001. * Support: Help with Linux and free software with a guaranteed response time. * Training: Gain competence in ITIL, Linux and free software. Take control over your own IT systems through ITIL and free software.
Key Words ITIL,free software,Linux,Service Management,BSD,FreeBSD,OpenBSD,NetBSD,open source,standard
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