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Multidata Norge AS

Address Pb 92, Hvalstad - 1379
Telephone +4766840400
Fax +4766845658
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Multi Data Norway AS is a Norwegian-owned supplier expertise in computer products and accessories. The company markets a complete range of quality products in hardware and software, in addition to general computer supplies and accessories. We place strong emphasis on being a preferred service provider with expertise, skilled consultants, rapid delivery and not least on competitive terms. The company's headquarters and warehouse in Asker, and branch offices in Trondheim and Bergen. The company is owned entirely by the employees. multi-data Norway AS has a close relationship with the major distributors and the HP Gold Preferred Partner, Sun Media Partner, IBM Business Partner, Lenovo Business Partner, Samsung Partner, Lexmark Business Partner, Toshiba, Business Partner, Microsoft, Imation and others. For this reason, we have good access to innovative products, quality, service and competitive terms. Multi Data Norway AS offers business customers a complete webshop solution cont
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