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Norsk Regnesentral

Address Postboks 114 BLINDERN, OSLO - 0314
Telephone 22 85 25 00
Fax 22 69 76 60
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Country Norway
Business Description
Norwegian Computing Center, (Norsk Regnesentral, NR), is a private, independent, non-profit foundation established in 1952. NR carries out contract research and development projects in ICT technology and applied statistical modelling. The clients are industry, commercial and public service organizations. Our scientific and technical capabilities are developed in co-operation with The Research Council of Norway and key customers. The results may take the form of reports, software, prototypes, and short courses.NR is one of Europe’s greatest environments for adapted statistics and risk analyses in different areas, and the leading research institutes in Norway regarding ICT security, parts of multimedia and multichannel and ICT universal design. The security focus are computer access, privacy, digital traces, signatures and rights, prevent data crime and vulnerability. Multimedia and multichannel focus on multimedia data through different channels between different platforms for digital TV, streaming compression. Analyses markets, quality assurance of workflow and e-learning at schools and in business companies, related to e-government and universal design activities.
Key Words research,information security,multimedia,universal design statistic analyses,modeling.
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