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Bing Hodneland advokatselskap DA

Address Postbox 775 Sentrum, Oslo - 0106
Telephone +47 23 31 59 90
Fax +47 23 31 59 99
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Advokatfirmaet Hodneland & Co DA and Bing & Co advokat- og konsulentselskap DA merged with effect from 1.1.2011 and became Bing Hodneland advokatselskap DA - a law firm in Oslo.The merger with Bing & Co happens as part in our long-term goal of establishing a broad and competetive professional legal environment within ICT law, intellectual property rights (IPR) and media law. Jon Bing, Olav Torvund og Camilla S. Tokvam new partners from Bing & Co: Bing & Co has for more than a decade runned a law firm with main focus om legal issues regarding information- and communication technology (ICT), intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, trade name, design and patent) and media law (e.g. freedom of speech, e-commerce, marketing law, film- and broadcasting law, telecom and privacy). John S. Gulbrandsen has, after 17 years as partner in Wiersholm – a leading law firm in Norway – became partner in Bing Hodneland. He is a top ranked lawyer within IPR and media law.
Key Words Lawyer,agreement,contract,negotiation,dispute resolution,public procurement,legal due dil.
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