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Information Society Open To Impairments e-ISOTIS

Address klitamnistras 40, - 13122
Telephone +30 210 2693760
Web Address
Country Greece
Business Description
e-ISOTIS is a non-profit making organization e-ISOTIS that aims at supporting People with Disabilities and elderly to overcome the existing barriers and to experience an Information Society Open to ImpairmentS (ISOTIS). E-ISOTIS brings together people with disabilities, their spouses as well as members of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) community from the whole globe. In this respect, it co-operates closely with National Associations of People with Disabilities, as well as with Universities, ICT companies and public authorities in many European countries. The greatest asset of the organisation is its human factor. More specifically, it is supported by an ambitious team of experts with as first priority the advancement of independent living for people with disabilities via legal advice, education/learning, support of employability, social support and familiarisation with accessible ICT.
Key Words Assistive Technology,eAccessibility,eTraining,Ethics
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