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Mempro as

Address Postboks 2167, LARVIK - 3255
Telephone 33 16 53 00
Fax 33 16 53 01
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Mempro is a distributor of electronic selected products. We deliver all kind of memory for computers, servers, printers, cameras, cell phones etc. Mempro do also have a big specter of electronic gift products. We can design this as the customer request. Security products as hardware encrypted IronKey USB and fingerprint USB from Transcend. Barcode scanners, label printers and labels. We can also offer GBICs and SFPs, hard drives and SSD disks also for industrial standards. Please registrant as reseller on our websites and we will make sure to give you information and personal support.
Key Words memory,flash memory,digital frame,charger,swiss,Transcend,Ironkey,SSD,SFP,GBIC,USB,MP3,MP4
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