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Business Region Bergen AS

Address Strandgaten 6, Bergen - 5013
Telephone +4756901150
Fax +475690 1151
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Country Norway
Business Description
The overriding goal of Business Region Bergen is that, by 2020, the Bergen region shall be the leading region in Norway in knowledge-based and sustainable business development in the industries in which the region has natural advantages. Business Region Bergen (BRB) was formed on 31 October 2007 to engage in regional business development, run a business start-up service and promote and market the region. Our vision for the Bergen region is to create a dynamic growth region characterised by diversity, cooperation, vitality and experiences. BRB is a non party political organisation, which will realise its vision and goals together with the authorities and private players. Oil, gas and energy The most important industries in the region are oil and gas and other energy production, marine activities, maritime industry and tourism. BRB shall work at the interface between business and industry, research and development and the public sector. The Bergen region has a strong and important R&D community, which, together with industry and the public sector, is a prerequisite for achieving knowledge-based business developm
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