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Fundación Omar Dengo

Address Apartado Postal 1032-2050, San José, Costa Rica -
Telephone 506 25276000
Fax 506 25276010
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Business Description
The Omar Dengo Foundation of Costa Rica, is a private, non-profit organization that since 1987 develops and executes national and regional projects in the fields of human development, educational innovation and digital technologies. The Foundation works on expanding the knowledge of children and youth with the use of digital technologies and teaching methods that reinforce creativity and capacity development. The Foundation has led the introduction and enriched use of digital technologies in the country to foster learning, thinking, creativity, self efficacy and technological fluency in public elementary and high schools. It also develops training courses for teachers, conducts research, and provides special programs to help individuals, institutions and businesses gain access to technologies and innovative teaching methods. The Foundation also provides consultancy to other countries that use technology as a tool for development.
Key Words innovative learning environments,ICT4D,educational research,21st century skills
Clients National Bank of Costa Rica
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