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Good Sign Oy

Address Konalantie 6-8 A 4, Helsinki - 00370
Telephone +35846714900
Web Address
Country Finland
Business Description
Good Sign is an experienced Business Support System provider for operators, integrators and retailers in the field of telecommunications and information technology (ICT).Good Sign has developed its Virtual Operator Management Platform based on eight years of experience with live virtual operators (MVNO, VNO, MVNE, MVNA, SO, ISP. Good Sign’s solution is designed to be the operator’s business and operations resource management tool. Currently 35 operators and resellers use Good Sign Virtual Operator Management Platform as their business backbone.Good Sign’s founders each have 15-20 years of experience in convergent ICT. Good Sign employees are known for effectiveness and efficiency.
Key Words Business Support System,BSS,ict,MVNO,virtual operator,saas,software,MVNO,MVNE,MVNA,MVNx
Clients AinaCom
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