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Enea Services Romania

Address 319 C Splaiul Independentei, 6 Sector, Bucharest, Bucharest - 060044
Fax 0040213051525
Web Address
Country Romania
Business Description
Enea Services Romania provides embedded software solutions for its customers. The applications vary according to the specific and the requirements of each partner. A review of the embedded applications that Enea Services Romania develops would present the following: RTOS development and porting, device drivers development/ integration, support for multi-processor environments, multimedia platforms (audio & video), embedded debugging & development tools, advanced electronics and firmware development, wireless and telecommunications protocol stacks, DSPs, BSPs and advanced electronics, mobile devices – from telephones to PDAs, access control and biometrics etc.
Key Words Embedded software,DSPs and BSPs to data acquisition,wireless,communication applications,real-time digital signal and image processing applications.
Clients Motorola etc
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