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Bipper Communication AS

Address Statsminister Michelsens Veg 38, Paradis - 5231
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Bipper is a privately held company founded by mother-of-three, Silje Vallestad in 2007. She founded the company when she realized that her six year old daughter’s friends had mobile phones and there were no safe mobile solutions available to satisfy her need as a parent. Bipper offers a safety solution which makes mobile phones safer and better adapted for the youngest mobile users (6-14). Through a personalized web portal, parents can determine who their children communicate with and when and how much their child can use the mobile phone. Bipper also offers a safety alarm and a localization service.Bipper has previously been awarded the yearling prize at the 2010 Bully Award, the 2010 Mobile World Congress Mobile Premier Award, and the Silver/Samsung Award at SIMagine 2010.The company headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway, with a branch office in New Jersey, USA.
Key Words safety,solution,kids,parents,limits,mobile phone
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