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Bianor Services EOOD

Address 51 Alexander Malinov Blvd, Entr. A, 3th Floor, Sofia - 1712
Telephone +359 2 4604200
Fax +359 2 955 5686
Web Address
Country Bulgaria
Business Description
Bianor is dedicated to help businesses take full advantage of mobile and telecom technologies to unlock new revenue streams and improve productivity. The company's award-winning mobile software development platform MobiSDP enables rapid development and launch of robust and secure mobile services.Bianor's product portfolio includes solutions for sales calls management and mobile multimedia sharing.
Key Words mobile software development,mobile application developer,custom mobile appliations,android,iphone,mobile media sharing,mobile sales calls management,iMediaShare,scribe2go
Clients M-Tel (a subsidiary of Telekom Austria Group)
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