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DataEye Consulting SRL

Address 163 Nicolae Titulescu BLVD., Bl.20, Ap.11, Bucharest - 011137
Telephone +40 21 222 09 46
Fax +40 21 222 09 46
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Country Romania
Business Description
DataEye Consulting was incorporated in March 2009, its main activities being application as a service , consulting, IT security services and advanced IT security investigations for all types of customers and companies, private or public owned. We use only proven technology to perform the services in our portfolio. All products and solutions are extensively tested in our laboratory before ever reaching and exposing customers to unexpected risks. The IT Security environment doubles each size in less than a year. No technology is secure proof and no product can provide complete security. There are also a lot more to be cared about and considered: information theft, filtering, compliance, policies and so on. Any business with private information exposed is looking into minimizing the impact of disclosure. DataEye Consulting scope is providing the optimal solutions in protecting our customers, whether the information was already exposed or not.
Key Words security,content filtering,antivirus,Document management,extranet,intranet,Portal
Clients Electrocentrale Bucuresti S.A.
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