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CodecArt Alliance SRL

Address Bogdanita 8-10, Apt. 2M, Sector 1, 010533, - Bucharest
Telephone +40318600491
Fax +40318600480
Web Address
Country Romania
Business Description
We are a small team of skilled engineers with 9 years of experience in the field of multimedia processing that have been working for two important european companies that provide integrated solutions for various big players on the mobile phone and automotive market.Since 2009, we have created CODECart Alliance to work independently for the same customers, carrying with us the experience and quality of service developed while employed by a big company.Our company specializes in development and maintenance of firmware & algorithms for embedded system solutions in the area of video, image & audio processing.We offer consulting and small-scale development & maintenance at competitive quality over price.
Key Words multimedia,video,audio,algorithms,embedded,firmware
Clients NXP Semiconductors
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