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Data Communications Ltd

Address 1/F Cnr Mgr Gonin & Lislet Geoffroy Streets, Port Louis -
Telephone (230) 210-1327
Fax (230) 211-9467
Web Address
Country Mauritius
Business Description
DCL is a company involved in the ICT sector with strong customer base in hardware supply, Software Development, System Integration, Networking, ICT Security equipment, Consultancy, training, repairs and maintenance. DCL has been at the forefront of innovation by introducing in 2001 its Internet Prepaid card, first to propose and demonstrate a Wifi service, first to launch a secured payment service portal. DCL in collaboration is now developing a wimax platform to be used in Mauritius and the African region. The system which is a 4th Generation platform will help in the distribution of Internet through the country with less hassle from an infrastructural aspect. Based on radio frequency, it will be available anywhere in the country, covering around 80% of the wished area and will provide telephony, video and Internet services. The CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which is mobile is based on the 16e allows mobility. Capacity on download would be anything from 512kbps up to 8Mbps.
Key Words wimax,internet,system integration,security,Hardware supply,Software development
Clients corporate
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