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Fidenz Pvt Ltd

Address No 55A 1/1, - 10250
Telephone +94112883985
Web Address
Country Sri Lanka
Business Description
Fidenz (Pvt) Ltd is a technology solutions company based in Sri Lanka. It provides ICT related technology solutions and services to The United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Its technical expertise includes Microsoft, LAMP and WAMP technologies, which helps in providing solutions in Web Applications, Network Communications, Database Applications, Mobile Applications, Content Management systems, etc. Unique advantage of partnering with us is our strength in mobile application development which covers all dominant mobile platforms [iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, RIM (BlackBerry Phones) & Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile].In addition to project based software services, Fidenz concentrate on building unique products for the global market. Following are few samples 4GKO ( - Location based download speed tracker WikiRead ( - Content Analysis Helper lkMessnger( - SMS Gateway and SMS Services
Key Words Mobile Apps,location based services,Content Analysis,web conferencing,iOS,iphone,iPad,android,Blackberry,RIM,Windows Phone 7,web development,HTML5,C++,.net,WPF,php
Clients Stromme Foundation
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