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Bravo Solutions

Address 82B, Walaliyadda, Ellakkala - 11116
Telephone +94 770884303
Web Address
Country Sri Lanka
Business Description
It takes years of Experience, Industry Knowledge, Technical know-how, Dedication, above all a Passion for the work. Our friendly committed service standards are the key to our strength. We are partnered with Comnet Systems AB, Sweden, The industry leaders in RF design and consultancy. Bravo Solutions is competent in delivering customized industrial electronic designs including digital statistics displays and PLCs. We can also provide consultancy service on energy saving, LED lighting and power measurements. We are also competent in Antenna Designing, Modelling, Optimizing and fabrication from Medium Wave upto 2.4Ghz range having all the necessary test tools. We are slowly venturing into mass production of Electronics consumer items, Digital Price Display is a good example.
Key Words LED Digital Display,Moving Sign boards,Wireless Security and indicators,wimax,GSM SMS Data transfer,Alarm,Industrial Automation,Climatic Control,Electronic Queue management,Digital Timers,Transformer-less PSU,Morse Code Generating Automatic Keyer,Antenna Design and construction,Solar Panel position-er. Wireless Remote based control,Ham Radio Transceiver control hardware and software,Embedded Software on micro-controllers.
Clients Sirisanda Hospital Sri Lanka
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