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i-Context Content Convergence Private Ltd

Address i-Context Content Convergence Private Ltd. 102,Kitulwatte road, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka, -
Telephone +94112667052
Fax +94112689310
Email 102,Kitulwatte Road, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka
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Country Sri Lanka
Business Description
i-Context offers a complete learning suite consisting of a comprehensive e-Learning and academic management environment. We provide total learning and Knowledge Management (KM) solutions, off the shelf or on the cloud, to both enterprise clients and academic institutions, which enable access to learning on-demand, anytime, anyplace and via any device.From e-Learning on the web to m-Learning via mobile phones and t-Learning via Interactive Television (IPTV), our learning product suite caters to all mediums and devices while our Knowledge Management platform allows access via the web and mobiles, incorporating social learning and web 2.0 interactivity.Our professional service ensures high standards of quality and our skills on the Microsoft .Net platform differentiate our engineering services and the products we offer. Combined with our team of highly skilled learning simulation developers, we support the most complex learning content development needs of any organization.
Key Words e-learning,m-Learning,t-Learning,knowledge management,Custom Content Development,help desk,Technical Support
Clients Sri Lankan Airlines
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