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Araaya Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Address 28, Cemetery Road, Battaramulla., -
Telephone +94112884738
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Country Sri Lanka
Business Description
Founded in 2008, Araaya offers inbuilt AI engines for all its games which offers challenging computer players and help add new dimensions to it's games, while playing them becomes more challenging and immersive. Our IQ Enhancer games are suitable and challenging for both kids and professionals alike. This has also made Araaya a specialized team in AI and game theory. Araaya develops board and puzzle games which are very comprehensive, addictive and can be played in a very short time. In addition to Android and iPhone mobile games Araaya offers a free gaming platform where players can challenge friends to play single player or multiplayer games online, players can organize matches/ tournaments and view global leaderboards, players can have chat while playing. The services provided by Araaya includes Mobile game development for Android and iPhones, Mobile applications for enterprise, Mobile cloud computing, Web-based online games and Mobile games and applications development for Windows.
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