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John Keells Computer Services

Address No 148, , Colombo - 00200
Telephone +94 (0) 112 300 770
Fax +94 (0) 112 300 779
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Country Sri Lanka
Business Description
JKCS is a 200+ person company with 15+ years experience outshines in delivering best of breed software services to companies in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and UAE, ranging from multinationals to SMEs. We specialize in e-commerce, customized software and mobile application development for cloud & non-cloud environments, using leading technologies such as Java, .Net, Sharepoint, PHP, SAP ABAP & mobile platforms and accredited with CMM and ISO 9001 certification. We have proven offshore/onshore engagement models & capability customized to suit each client/project, including 3 success stories in Norway. Our Software Services arm caters to an array of development, maintenance & support services including QA services. These services have been offered to clients from domains such as Airlines & Airports, Travel & Hospitality, Telco, Manufacturing, Software companies (SIs & ISVs). Furthermore we have software products for the Aviation (Evinta) and Hospitality (ZharaHS) industries
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