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Dataplan IT Partner AS

Address Stokkamyrvegen 18, Sandnes - 4313
Telephone +4751963000
Fax +4751962801
Web Address
Country Norway
Business Description
Dataplan IT Partner is a company in the Dataplan Group that delivers IT services, software and ASP-solutions for about 200 customers. The group in total has about 1000 customers. The customers are largely located in the south-west part of Norway.We provide IT Equipment, IT Software, IT Solutions, as well as ERP-systems, CRM-systems, Payroll-systems and more both for installation at client premises as well as on our ASP-platform.In addition, we provide limited software development to bridge these systems as good as possible.In addition, we have an accounting agency with 35 employees that serves approximately 500 clients. We test out a lot of technologies on this company.We also develop some websystems ourselves, although we have limited capability in this regard at the moment.
Key Words IT ASP,IT Consulting,Software development,Connections between ERP-systems,HP-products,lenovo,Windows Server 2008,Borland C++ Builder,PHP5,Silverstripe,MySql,SQL Server
Clients but many within oil & gas
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