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Ainstainer Group Ltd

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Telephone +3 8057 701 11 45
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Country Ukraine
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Ainstainer Group is a customer-oriented IT Outsourcing vendor with the headquarters in Kharkov, Ukraine. The company specializes in providing innovative outsourcing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The main idea of our service is that we search, select and hire after your approval software developers that will work only with you from our office in Ukraine. We take care of all routine tasks while you can focus on software development. Follow the link to see the resumes of available developers: We also offer a brand new business model for Scrum-minded companies. We create and extend clients' Scrum teams. We help our clients to minimize risks of outsourcing: - you receive the full managerial control of the developers and manage them like your in house employees. - fixed prices enable you to plan and easily control budget costs. - you are always updated on the project's status and it is rather easy to make changes. - if you are not satisfied with the performance of your developer(s) it is rather easy to change them or stop your collaboration with the company. - If there is need, we will offer you th
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