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Consorcio Centro Baleares Europa

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Our organisation aims to provide opportunities at EU level to those actors in the Balearic Islands active in the ICT sector (among many others), particularly focused on: tourism (extensive experience in software development for management in hotels, harbours, etc); medicine/eHealth (telemedicine, sensor networks, digitalisation, etc); environment and energy (such as real time data mining sensor networks, e.g. applicable to pollution measurements; ICT applied to camera-trap photo identification; GIS applications; ICT for greater energy efficiency in buildings; etc); smart cities (e.g. sensor networks for better management in areas such as transport or water). However, our ample experience in software development, coupled with the same technologies' flexibility, result in great versatility: the tools might be similar or even the same, yet are applicable to a wide range of different situations.
Key Words tourism,Telemedicine,eHealth,smart cities,environment,energy efficiency,sensor networks,Software development,water management
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