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Intranea rešenja doo Kragujevac (Intranea Solutions)

Address, Kragujevac - 34000
Telephone +381 34 353661
Fax +381 34 353661
Web Address
Country Serbia
Business Description
Intranea solutions is a modern knowledge and technology firm operating in the field of integrated collaborative innovation management. The firm develops and implements it's original product – DataStation Innovation Cloud, a complete end-to-end innovation cycle management software-as-a-service. Key aspects of our activities: Improving organizational idea capturing and collaboration methods, together with new product/service/business development practices, project prioritisation, business workflow, approval and decision making processes. Assessing innovation strategy, aligning priorities and stakeholders, introducing software services and tools to companies' daily operations. Cooperating with Enginexx bvba, a Belgium-based innovation company, Stage-Gate Institute from Toronto, Canada, as well as number of independent European innovation experts with large experience, providing maximum organizational value delivered through a combination of highly skilled consulting services and proven
Key Words Innovation management,saas,Cloud,Software platform,Idea management,New product development,Collaboratio
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