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Diakonia college

Address bp 13462 grand yoff, Dakar - 221
Telephone 221-33 867 27 11
Fax 221-33 867 27 11
Web Address
Country Senegal
Business Description
Diakonia college is a private educational institution,created in 1999 with mission of helping the poorest children to access to education.Diakonia college is located in grand yoff the one of the popular district of Dakar that accounts over 150.000 inhabitants.The district lacks educational infrastructures for example, there are only 3 public schools in a district that requires over 10.Poverty and unemployment are current problems.Many children do not access to education.It is this difficult context that Mr Joseph Gomis initiated an educatinal project called' DIAKONIA COLLEGE ' for helping the poorest children to access to education. At the opening, 54 children were registered.Todate,1213 children are attending the college, 339 formeer students are pursuing at the university and higher schools of DaKAR.
Key Words poverty,under-development,internet,innovation,Education,training
Clients students and young people of grand yoff district
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