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CUTTING COSTS AND GREEN IT IS ALL ABOUT GREAT LEADERSHIP Founded in 2005, DURABILIT B.V.® (pronounced: 'durability') is a leading independent supplier of cost effective, green, CO2 neutral and climate neutral solutions. DURABILIT ICT strives towards a 100% CO2 emission neutral IT world and supports organizations to make the transition to become 100% CO2 neutral / carbon neutral and climate neutral! What do we do to support our customers? 1. Buy and sell network hardware like new, refurbished, second hand or used Cisco, used Juniper, used HP, Brocade, F5 Networks and other hardware brands. Buying 'DURABILIT CERTIFIED QUALITY' refurbished network hardware enables you to save between 50% - 95% on list price with a minimum of 1 year warranty and additional DURABILIT Warranty Solutions. Start saving money and our environment at the same time! Request pricing for CERTIFIED QUALITY network hardware and DURABILIT Services by clicking on: Request a QUOTE or Call. Get the maximum value for your outdated or surplus network hardware and click on DURABILIT Buy Back Services. If you want to find a Part Code or Model Number, please fill in the part code you are looking for in the Product Finder on the right side of the screen. DURABILIT offers a 24/7 HELPDESK as an additional support service to its key customers. DURABILIT also offers DURABILIT Technical Consultancy and Scans to support its customers with their technical questions and challenges. 2. DURABILIT IT Asset Management and services: we provide all tools and support that is necessary to optimally manage your IT network like DURABILIT IT Asset Management Software (DIAMS). 3. DURABILIT Green IT Consultancy & DURABILIT CO2 Neutral Network Solutions & DURABILIT Greener Network Calculator: we help you make your organization and / or IT more environmentally friendly, CO2 emissions neutral, climate neutral and help you to analyze and find solutions to reduce CO2 emissions / carbon footprint / eco footprint and energy usage related to the complete product life cycle and supply chain of hardware. 4. DURABILIT IT Reverse Logistics & Circular Economy Support (CES) & Sustainable Materials Management (SMM): we provide full services for extending the life cycle of hardware like returns management, spare part management, upgrade management, storage, logistics, refurbishment, repair, redeployment and/or WEEE-recycling with WEEE certificate. The Circular Economy is a generic term for an industrial economy that is by intention restorative. Sustainable Materials Management is an integrated approach that reduces environmental impacts of materials use and conserve natural resources throughout the hardware life-cycle.
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