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Address ROTUSES Sq.16 - 220, LT - 62141
Telephone +370 315 74002
Fax +370 315 74002
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Country Lithuania
Business Description
MONAK² it is a group of companies united for creating and realising Modern House vision. Our goal is to design and construct competitively priced, healthy, energy – saving, long lasting, ecological, enviromental friendly, modern house based on scientific researches. MODER N HOUSE – integrated accommodation solution based on latest modern technologies. Modern house concept combines active and smart house features. Modern house solution consists of not only the building but also additional services: for people’ comfort (lighting, ventilation, heating control, security systems management and so on.), for content delivery and entertainment (media center, games, digital TV and so on), for living environment (the health care of people, people with special needs care) and also services for home care centers.
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