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Kindly allow me to introduce you to our Management Consultancy, Iconsultica. As an emerging firm with extensive years of prolific experience, we are pleased to inform you about the launching of our new website. There, you will find our thorough layout of our management consulting and training services, offered to government agencies and corporate entities, as well as academic institutions alike. iconsultica is a global management consultancy and a training provider. Combining profound knowledge of modern business process and management development we are committed to delivering the most accurate solutions to your executive and regular staff as well as your business process. Our international experience and local awareness of sensitive issues enables us to understand your dilemmas, hindrances and obstacles to grow and respond with dynamic solutions. Through a set of innovative methods, we customize evaluation tools that best correspond to your current situation. Our consultants then develop detailed needs assessment researches to identify where you need help. Iconsultica is the a amalgamation of all of the founder’s professional and personal experience and visions for growth and development of human activities. Whether its governments that manage nations and promise their citizens comfort and prosperity or business entities that secure profits for their owners’ life to grow, we are committed to positively participate and help both governments and businesses to grow for the sake of citizens in general. We are also doing our best to fulfill the obligations the founder imposed upon himself, which is to build and add value in iconsultica for the current and coming future generations. One of our strategy is to attract, train and retain the highly motivated and creative individuals to be a part of our firm. Qualified and capable human factor is the foundation of any success might occur on this planet. Yours Truly Mohamed Youssif
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