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Max Manus AS

Address Postboks 4844 Nydalen , Oslo - 0422
Telephone 23 00 74 70
Fax 23 00 74 80
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Country Norway
Business Description
Max Manus is the leading Scandinavian distributor of speech recognition solutions for healthcare professionals, providing customised speech recognition and digital dictation solutions to hospitals in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The software portfolio includes both standalone products and systems that can be fully integrated into central healthcare IT-platforms. Max Manus’s product suite provides speech services and client-side software to support speechenabled clinical documentation and communication from any application, on any device, at any time. Max Manus speech recognition technology is currently used by more than 10,000 healthcare professionals and the digital dictation platform has over 23,000 users.
Key Words speech recognition,digital dictation,healthcare,electronic patient records,SpeechEditor,voice recognition
Clients Helse Midt-Norge RHF, Helse Vest RHF, Ullevål universitetssykehus, Akershus universitetssykehus, Sykehuset Telemark osv
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