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Klastermebel Elbląg

Address Ul. Stanisława Sulimy 1, Elbląg - 82-300
Telephone +48 605743556
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Country Poland
Business Description
The cluster consists about 30 companies employing approximately 3,000 employees, like : Producers of furniture, Manufacturers of accessories and furniture parts, Business environment. We offer the following forms of cooperation: providing technology innovations, support the educational process, support for students internships and theses, cooperation with Polish universities, conducting researches by using laboratory equipment and software dedicated, to furniture industry like Cabinet Vision, Alphacam, Solidworks, 3DVia, Imos, ect. cooperation with The Elblag Technology Park, united promotion of the Baltic Region.
Key Words cluster,furniture,CAD,cam,CAD/CAM,edu
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  • Comfort in Living
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  • Interior
    Sub Category: furniture
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