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Variante Ltd

Address Tekniikantie 12, Espoo - 02150
Telephone +358 50 3507370
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Country Finland
Business Description
Design for All. Variante Kitchen is suitable for any user groups, such as users of various age and stature and having varying capability on moving. For a single user or for joint use. For private or public use. Life cycle characteristics: The kitchen takes into account the individualistic needs of the user, as well as the changing needs of the future. The universal solution removes the traditional partition to home and special kitchens in production and retail. Variante Kitchen doesn’t categorize its users. Adjustability is complemented by smart and interactive features of the kitchen.
Key Words Adjustable kitchen,accessible kitchen,accessible housing,life cycle characteristics,independent living
Clients Homes, seniors and service homes, rehabilitation and care institutions, home economics classes.
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  • Comfort in Living
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  • Interior
    Sub Category: furniture
  • Technologies
    Sub Category: all
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