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Lundbergs Möbler AB

Address Box 270, TIBRO - 543 23
Telephone +46(0)504-40440
Fax -46(0)504-13768
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Country Sweden
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Wooden furniture for the home. Table, chairs and storage. Do you wish a complete solution or just the perfect chair? Our mission is to provide quality food- and meeting places, where the table is in the home center. In order to offer a good overall environment we are developing also chairs, cabinets, sideboards, coffee tables and other furniture accessories. Everything needed to decorate a harmonious and functional dining area of the home. Our specialty is interior decorating and furnishings of wood to the dining area - kitchen, dining room or summer house. Whatever environment you should find alternatives in our assortment. For example, we have a wide selection of table styles and sizes where we can help you with special dimensions. Lundberg develops furniture of a quality that allows them to be used every day for many years. Furniture with a design that will help you create a personalized decor that works. Design and product development is an important part of our effort to create current and future functional dining and we cooperate regularly with prominent designers. Lundberg's range is flexible and of high quality. Olle Lundberg started together with his partner Arvid manufacture of chairs and during 50th century, they began to develop their own models and sales, such as Gustavian furniture. In 1968 was today's manufacturing plant built in Tibro and during the 70 - and 80's was Lundbergs furniture developed by Per-Olof Lundberg to be the leading manufacturer of Gustavian furniture in Sweden. Today, family owned company Lundbergs Furniture is operated by the brothers Stefan Lundberg and Peter Reit and is one of the leading companies in the high-quality wooden furniture. Still with the same idea, to decorate the heart of the home - dining area.
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