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Noa:s Snickeri AB

Address Fabriksgatan 2, Tibro - 543 50
Telephone +46(0)504-12482
Fax +46(0)504-12487
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Country Sweden
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We believe in creating satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction leads to long, strong relationships. We also believe that strong relationships are superior when it comes to cost and quality. Here are 9 of 10 customers recurrence. With solid roots in Tibro - Swedish furniture center - we create design solutions for an increasingly globalized market. We are committed to sustainability and responsibility. We are the leader in Sweden in Corian and Solid Surface. We can design and our passion is to help our customers achieve the desired results at the right cost. Our strength lies in the combination of total commitment and excellence. We have developed our activities in four areas: design, project management, production and service. Our production is based in Tibro with a production area of about 6.500 m2. We have a modern fleet of both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines and a very high level of competence in modern CAM production. The use of advanced CAD technology increases our production efficiency and provides the opportunity to realize ideas and solutions that place the highest demands on design and production expertise, resources and expertise in compression molding of thermo forming, vaccumpressning and HF technologies. NOAH Solid Surface Solutions ™ allows you to take advantage of future materials in your office or your home to revolutionary prices. Solid Surface is synonymous with the combination of form, function and quality. It was therefore natural for us to build up an expertise and leading ability in this area for the future.
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