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Human Technologies Europe

Address Noerregade 28A, 3. tv, Copenhagen K - DK-1165
Telephone +45 3061 7744
Fax +1 469 375 3974
Web Address
Country Denmark
Business Description
Human Technologies Europe is a company focused on easing the daily life for people who are physically handicapped or maybe just getting up in years. Our i-Home Voice Control System allows people to perform many of the smaller daily tasks themselves through voice control: Just say what you want and the home (the system) does it for you! Open/Close doors / windows / curtains / closet and fridge doors, etc. Switch ON or OFF lights, TV, radio, etc. This makes our users less dependent on the presence of others when things need to be done, and heightens their own abilities and increases their self-respect while also reducing the need to wait: Instead of having to get up and move about to do get things done, you just say what it is that you want to happen, and your home then does it for you - automatically.
Key Words Voice Control,Speech Control,Home Control,Smart Home,Home Automation,Intelligent Home
Clients Aarhus Municipality, Denmark
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