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Address Marijas iela 13, k-2, 18b, Riga - LV-1050
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BACKGROUND Professional architecture is a field in which increasingly complicated and extensive issues must be addressed. Creating expressive visual images is just a small part of the work in which we are involved, and the need for this approach is continuing to shrink. HOW WE WORK Our responsibility as team leaders is to ensure that all of the relevant parties can make their best contribution while maintaining a sharp focus on business goals, as well as on social and humanitarian responsibilities. We are always happy to encourage people to take part in the results of a project, thus helping to ensure our responsibility and to reduce risks for our clients. They receive a contribution for the result and fully or partly waive a fixed payment. CONSULTATION & COLLABORATION A constructive discussion, co-operation among all involved parties, and a unified understanding of the goal at hand – these are the most important components of any process. For us as team leaders, the interests of all parties that are directly or indirectly involved in the project are comprehended, familiar and taken into account in a balanced way, whether these parties represent legal, economic, political, social, religious, artistic, architectural or other interests. FEASIBILITY STUDIES Any building rests on its foundations, any project will depend on the work that is done to prepare for it. We devote a lot of attention and time to this process. Before we turn to the visible part of the project, we examine all of the legal, spatial, environmental, social, bureaucratic and other aspects of the project. We also seek public opinion and the views of the relevant government institutions with respect to what we are planning to do. BRIEFING & PROGRAMMING The functional programming of intentions and the modelling of the development of a building or a territory are special analytical processes. We engage in these processes together with the client and in line with data and business plans developed during our feasibility study. Only after this stage is completed do we have a precise design assignment. We can then begin work on the design, announce a competition for architectural ideas, or model the size of the project. ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING As architects, we are certain that our surrounding environment has a direct influence on our quality of life, whether we are at home, at work, on the road, or in a public place. The first step is to understand that architecture and its surrounding environment are shaped by the spiritual and material needs of individuals. COST CONSULTATIONS We object to architecture which involves incommensurate usage costs or which leads to delays or problems with construction because of the architect’s personal ambitions or foolishness. We are always asked to monitor the cost of each line on the blueprint that has been produced by the architect, and we are happy to do exactly that. FINANCIAL CONSULTATIONS We actively help to find financing for projects which we consider to have much potential and a good foundation for investments We also help our clients to find financial solutions, making use not only of planned revenue calculations, but also of arguments related to spatial and artistic potential in the project LEGAL CONSULTATIONS Our specific and regional experience with complex real estate development projects means that we can help our clients to pursue their dreams in an ever more rapid and stable way.
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