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Wytwornia Mebli Zbigniew Kucharski

Address ul. Słowackiego 1, Swarzędz - 62-020
Telephone +48-61-817-30-77
Fax +48-61-817-30-77
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Country Poland
Business Description
The company has existed since 1939. We make furniture from wood and natural veneers. The company manufactures stylish and modern furniture. We mainly produce kitchen furniture tailored to the needs and ideas of our customers. We offer kitchen furniture, dining room, bedroom, hotel and restaurant furniture according to our customers’ wishes. We always try to answer the individuals needs of our customers. We are a producer of excellent quality wooden furniture. Currently we are looking for partners for a long-term cooperation. We can do any color of furniture according to RAL palette.
Key Words furniture,kitchens,Chairs,tables. wardrobes,libraries,dressing rooms
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  • Comfort in Living
CiL Group
  • Interior
    Sub Category: furniture
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